Massage is a proven and ancient treatment, designed to remove various aches and sprains supporting us in illness and our 24 - 7 lifestyle. No two people are the same and treatments to aid relief will vary. Massage has a wide range of techniques and I have found over my years of practice that each treatment is tailor-made for the individual as much as for the complaint.

I am able to use various massage techniques, for example aromatherapy, Swedish massage, sport therapy techniques, and Indian head massage. I also use other techniques to support the massage when needed. These can include acupuncture, reflexology, and manual lymphatic drainage.

All of my massages are designed to condition the body and aid a natural flow of restoration.

Lymphatic manual drainage massage

lmdLymphatic Manual Drainage massage (LMD) was developed by Dr Emil Vodder in 1932 and is a highly specialised form of massage. Using light and precise movements, LMD enhances the removal of toxins and strengthens the immune system. This system is beneficial to overall health and aids particular conditions such as colds, fatigue, digestive problems and swollen joints. Through the removal of toxins there are also beauty and cosmetic benefits which can assist with clearer and brighter skin and a reduction of cellulite.

This form of massage can be given whilst clothed and in addition to the health benefits it is a very relaxing treatment.

60mins     £50

swedish massage

swedishSwedish massage is a system of long strokes and motions that apply pressure between musle and bone increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage, improving muscle tone, relieving muscular pain and fatigue. Ask your therapist to conentrate on specific areas of concern. The pressure of the massage can be adjusted to suit your needs.

30mins     £25

60mins     £40

75mins     £50

indian head massage

indianheadmassageIdeal for any head, neck or shoulder tension. Includes neck and shoulder massage followed by a reviving scalp massage to improve circulation and to relax you. Finishing with a soothing head massage using pressure points and lymphatic drainage techniques to help with headaches and sinus problems.

30mins     £35

aromatherapy massage

aromaA gentle massage using aromatherapy oils to enhance the mood and relax your body, using a selected blend of essential oils to suit your specific needs.

30mins     £25

60mins     £40

75mins     £50

top & tail massage

handA relaxing acupressure massage applied to the face, scalp, feet and hands.

50mins     £45